MIL-SPEC fiber optics  Military Fiber Kit


Military Fiber Kits Connectors introduces the Next Generation of tactical fiber optic connector family based on now retired military performance specifications. This tactical fiber optic connector system features a "field-convertible" hermaphroditic fiber optic plug component connector with integrated strain-relief and tactical cable retention systems. Available in either 4, 6 or 12channel shell sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 CH options), this family of tactical fiber optic connectors also features specifications for a wide variety of harsh environment companion receptacles, including internal jam nut, external jam nut, and flange-mount receptacles as well as similar companion configurations with integrated strain-relief systems.

At the heart of this robust family of tactical/deployable hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors is the environmentally sealed terminus system, which affords superior optical performance while maintaining resistance to dust, moisture or even liquid submersion. This new terminus system features a free-floating environmentally sealed capability utilizing commercially available 2.5mm ceramic ferrules and relying on the insert cap of the connectors to retain the ceramic alignment sleeve. This new termini is corrosive-resistant, easily inserts at 90° angles to the termini retainer and functions as a genderless termini (can be either pin or socket) when used in the hermaphroditic design of the connector system