MIL-SPEC fiber optics  Military Fiber Kit

Fiber Rings

Fiber Rings Fiber Rings from AFL are often a necessity when testing with an OTDR. NOYES Fiber Rings are compact launch / receive cables designed to measure the insertion loss of the near-end and/or far-end connection of a fiber optic link using an OTDR. Both a launch and receive cable are required to measure complete link loss of a fiber with an OTDR. A launch cable, which connects the OTDR to the link under test, reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end connection. A receive cable, which connects to the far-end of the link, reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the far-end connection. Launch and receive test cables can range from 150 m to 1 km (or longer) in length.

Because very long test cables are impractical to transport and use, NOYES designed coiled lengths of 50 μm multimode, 62.5 μm multimode, or single-mode fiber conveniently packaged in compact rings. NOYES Fiber Rings with150 m of fiber are ideal for premises fiber network test applications. Fiber Rings with 500 m or 1 km of single-mode fiber are designed for broadband, long-haul fiber network test applications. NOYES Fiber Rings' are compact and fit easily in many OTDR carry cases and test kits. NOYES Fiber Rings are available from AFL in a variety of standard angled and non-angled connector styles including SC, ST, LC, and FC.f