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Hermaphroditic Connector Course

Hermaphroditic Connector Course

Course Overview

Delphi's Harsh Environment Hermaphroditic Fiber Optic Connectors provides a consistent optical throughput even when the mission occurs in the most inhospitable environments. These connectors are available in 4, 6, and 12-channel configurations for both commercial and military applications including pier side connectivity (ViViD) and tactical field use.

Military Fiber Kit's 2-Day course has been tailored to address the requirements of both military and commercial applications. Our goal is to empower our students with practical hands-on experience with the ability to successfully terminate and test a hermaphroditic connector.

Who Should Attend:
This course is applicable not only for the installer but also all who are invovled in the design, configuration, testing, troubleshooting, or fiber optic system maintenance, technicians, system analysts, design engineers, managers, telecommunication professionals, etc.

Recommended Prerequisites:
5-Day Certified Military (Shipboard) Course or
5-Day 38999 Connectory Course Strongly Recommended.

Price: $1,595.00

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