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Tactical Fiber Optic Assembly Course

Tactical Fiber Optic Assembly Course

Course Overview

The Military Fiber Kit 5 Day Tactical Fiber Optics Course is designed for personnel whose responsibility includes the maintenance of tactical fiber optic cable reel assemblies. A similar training program was developed for the U.S. Army's Patriot System Fiber Optic Repair course taught at USAOMEMS in Ft Bliss, TX. Our teaching methods follow strict adherence to MIL-STD-2042B(SH) and our instructors have the practical experience of thousands of man hours in terminating, splicing, and testing fiber optic cable systems at more than 200 commands both at shore and at sea.

Upon successful completion of this course, the certified technician will have the skills and experience to terminate Single Terminus (ST) and Multiple Terminus (MT) connectors, Biconic Connectors, and 4-channel M83526 connectors. Attendees will also learn the proper inspection, testing, and troubleshooting techniques, along with the skills needed to repair tactical fiber optic cable reel assemblies in accordance with MIL-STD-2042B (SH) using Optical Time Domain Reflectometers, Light Source and Power Meters and Visual Fault Locators. Also included in this course are the techniques used to repair damaged cable by removing the bad cable, fusion splicing the cable, and the splice protection to the appropriate sleeve and enclosure.

Who Should Attend:
Any person involved in the installation of fiber optic components, testing and troubleshooting in the most challenging environments where tactical fiber optic cable assemblies are needed.

Recommended Prerequisites:
None our instrutors are 3M factoty trained technicians and we are sensitivce to your needs by providing industry standard certification. This 5 day course qualifies the installer with the certifications needed.

ETA CFOI Certification:
Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) testing is optional; Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) exams are optional; it's a great opportunity to become certified that is concurrent with the training. On day 5 of the training, we will test the student on the ETA Certified Fiber Optic Installer exam for $150.00.

Price: $2,295.00
All course materials included.
ETA Testing (CFOI): $175.00

• U.S. Department of Defense requres this course only be made avaiable to U.S. Citizens with proof of citizenship and greencard holders only.

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